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PE refers to the Petanque England

COB refers to City of Bath Petanque Club

GWR refers to Great Western Region Petanque

Competition Doubles Ladder Rules

1. Entry into this ladder is only for registered City of Bath PE Members.  If you would like to enter then please contact the Playing Manager or any member of the City of Bath PC committee so your place can be added to the doubles league. Players can enter the league at any time but will only be placed into the actual playing league at the next issue of the league tables. Teams can be made up of male, female or mixed pairings. There can ONLY be two players per team.

2. The leagues will be based on a promotion system with promotion and relegation every 3 months. There will be NO time extensions for any reason. If a team does not want to play, then the opposing team will be awarded a 2-0 win and 26-14 score line. If a team pulls out during a league period then all previous matches played will remain valid and all un-played matches will be awarded to their opponents with a score as stated above. If there are any disputes regarding matches not being played, then the Playing Managers decision will be final. If all the league matches are completed before the end of the play by date, then the league will be deemed finished and the promotion and relegation will take place with the new league starting with immediate effect. Teams will be relegated from each league and will replaced by the highest teams from the league below.  

3. City of Bath PC Ranking points will be awarded to players who win a match in their league as follows

PREMIER DIVISION -  5 points per game win

DIVISION ONE -  4 points per game win

DIVISION TWO -  3 points per game win

DIVISION THREE - 2 point per game win

The points go up depending on standard as this is to encourage players to get better and progress up the leagues.

These ranking points will be combined with the players other points gained in other competitions (as stated later) to provide that player with a competition ranking with the COB club.

4. The league will be played on a rolling basis which will mean that it will never end providing there are teams to play in it. The league will be continuous and therefore, once started the league will be self dependant and totally separate to any other league run by the club.  

5. Teams can only be changed after each promotion / relegation period and must be notified to the Playing Manager before the start of the new league. However, if a team is changing players it could mean that your league position may possibly change either by being promoted to a higher league or being relegated to a lower league. This will depend on the playing ability of the new team. Your Starting league position will be decided by the Playing Manager and will be determined by the highest squad ranked player.

6. All matches will be played as a 2-game event with each game being played to 13 points. The whole match MUST be played in one go. Each team will gain league and COB ranking points for each game they win. All results must be sent to the playing manager within two days of the completed match.

7. All matches must be played at the City of Bath PC at Larkhall, unless a different venue is agreed by BOTH teams.

8. As your team will be playing two matches in a row, each team will have one choice about which piste they want to play on. The team who made the first piste selection will then play the next match on the piste selection made by the opposing team.

9. The league will be played in accordance the rules played by the PE.